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The horse, or stallion in copper

April 2009

A few months ago I was driving, as always when I my grandson Marcel Emmental weekend fetch over Burgdorf near a wood carving workshop passed when suddenly once in a very nice carved wooden horse on the road stood.
As with the artists is just sometimes, you admired in between other art.
For me it was back then, too. I just could not resist this thing immediately to look up close.
The proportions to cook the size and already it begins in the veins of Art Spengler. I have the horse have to be able to recreate it in copper. Unfortunately on this day no one is at home and I write down the phone number that appears on the studio. After several days, I have a woman on the phone "Annemarie Rutschi, wood carver from Burgdorf" and compatible with her an appointment.
Unfortunately, the horse was now broken anything, the wood had split straight through the chest of the horse.
After a brief information about my project, Annemarie Rutschi was willing me the horse, if it is repaired asked to leave for a reasonable fee.
It takes another few weeks and I sit in the evening and look at the PC randomly on the map of Anne Marie and summarize the decision to call the next morning.
As luck in life goes, I Annemarie came the next day before and said, "The horse has been repaired and could if I want to be transported.
Again by chance just was a German colleague, who already visited some art driving courses with me in my workshop and we took the decision to drive off the same and get your horse to Wölflinswil where it will be safe now for several months, until my work is completed will be.

The horse is now in the shop where it is recreated in copper.
= PICTURE1 = IMAGE2 = FIG3 = FIG. 4 FIG 5 =

I start each copper sheet remains I gather from building had a large cardboard box.
Since I have a lot of construction sites where copper is processed, I come very quickly to a right midden. Now the real work begin enjoy.
I put the remnants of old copper cladding, gutter nozzle expansion, etc. Rinnenwinkelauschnitte on my straightening table, sort the larger and smaller pieces that must be annealed once, directed and vorgehämmert.
= Bild6 = Bild7
One half of the base and the right leg, the first part is that I will make.
Every plate is adjusted only once in the horse's body with a rubber mallet and also been marked on the next part. The parts must be very accurate, because the shape of the horse over a certain size no longer be adapted differently.
= FIG. 8 = Bild9 = FIG. 10 = image11 = bild12
The lower part is always after a long, repetitive adjusting, fixing and brazing finally on the executioner's table.
Now you continue down the back to the belly and tail approach. Always the same process, the sheets is adjusted, draws, removed, welded, again mounted, the next port adapted draws, etc. up to the middle part of the body can also be assembled in pieces again.
= Fig.13 = Fig.14 = Bild15 = Bild16
One leg is adjusted and completed
= Fig.17 Fig.18 =
The adaptation to the lower part of the body is not as easy as at least 3 - 4 hands are missing and can move the parts over again. Finally manages to give me a-like and then stapled to cm cm to fit together all the pieces.
= Fig.19 Fig.20 =
The third section begins with Pferdebau. The neck with the head and mane. A very difficult section, because the horse can not go wrong and it will be hammered quite violent.
= Fig.21 Fig.22 =
The parts are reattached to the existing body and the mouth with the nostrils being built in parts and then welded with silver.
= BILD23 = BILD24 = Fig.25 = BILD26
The last part of the horse's mane and right ears are New Year's Eve also fitted yet.
The horse is now available for verschleiffen.
= Fig.27 = BILD28 = BILD29 = BILD30
On 1 January, I'll start with the Schleiffarbeit that is completed in 2 days.
On 3 January morning, the horse is acidified, burnished and painted the same.
In the evening I put the horse on our terrace where it was admired by many people.
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